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Imagine for a second all the members of your school or club wearing the same custom surf rash guard, designed and manufactured especially for them.

It would be cool, wouldn't it?

In Glassy Europe we have more than 10 years manufacturing custom surf and kitesurf rashguards for dozens of schools, clubs and championships throughout the country. The image projected by your group is very important and can help to get new customers, members and sponsors.

Therefore, we design and manufacture from 0 our surf rash guards, based on your needs, with your corporate colors, full print design and a bi-elastic fabric with UV protection that will not leave you indifferent.

For custom manufacturing we have to have a minimum of 30 units per model and a lead time of 45 days from the time we approve the final design.

And all this, manufactured in Spain in our solar-powered facilities.



Glassy Europe is the current official technical supplier of the championship rashguards. European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT)The EFPT is an international stage of a Freestyle windsurfing competition with 8 stages in Europe, which brings together the best riders of the moment.



A successful case of our custom surf rashguards has been the Yerbabuena Surf Open, who trusts Glassy Europe every year as Official Technical Sponsor for the manufacture of all the rashguards for their national and international competitors.



Another success story, and very special for us because of its location, is the International Longboard Oleaje Festival in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias. This event wanted to wear our customized surf rashguards during the championship.

Lycras features


The fabric of our rashguards, manufactured in Spain, has 4 Way Stretch technology, which gives the garment elasticity in all 4 directions for maximum performance.


We spend many hours in the water and we need to protect ourselves from UV radiation. That's why our rashguards have UV protection factor so you can enjoy your session with total peace of mind.


Our rashguards are made from technical polyester and will dry quickly between sessions.


A whole world of possibilities. We design the rashguards based on the needs of your group. Corporate colours, photos, sponsor logos and a long etcetera to make your rashguard UNIQUE.

They already rely on Glassy Europe

Freestyle Pro Tour trusted us as the official technical supplier of their rashguards for the 2022 edition of the European Championships.

The well-known surfing championship of Yerbabuena has one of the best waves in Europe and every year welcomes the best national and international riders to break that wave with their Glassy rash guard.

The Open Bodyboard Mundo Surf Trafalgar is one of the most awaited competitions of the national Bodyboard scene. In its first edition he trusted Glassy to dress his riders.

XtraSurfa school in Fuerteventura that is committed to quality and professionalism, apart from working with small groups, they have experienced instructors in surfing.

Chicken Loop is a reference as a kite school on the beaches of Tarifa, this Cadiz club has rash guards and technical shirts of our brand.

La Loteta is considered one of the biggest inland kitesurfing clubs in Spain and the biggest in Aragon. All its members already have their official rash guard.

The well-known Nuria Gomá trusted Glassy Europe to manufacture her rash guards with which she organised incredible descents in Brazil, Zanzibar or Peru.

Cadizfornia Surf School is one of the most charismatic surf schools in Cadiz. Located on the famous beach of La Barrosa, it has perfect conditions all year round for surfing. Its instructors and students already have their personalised Glassy rash guards.

Isla Canela Kite is one of the most popular clubs in Spain with a perfect spot for kitesurfing initiation. Since its creation, it has relied on Glassy for the manufacture of its rashguards and technical t-shirts.

Kite Campo de Gibraltar is one of the biggest clubs in Andalucia and Spain. Its many members already have their official Glassy rash guard for their paddle trips and kite sessions.

The Club Kite Surf Centre is one of the biggest clubs in Spain and every year hosts the national Formula Kite championship. All its members already have their official Glassy rash guard.


If you want to see all the members of your school or club with your own personalised rash guard, don't hesitate to contact us using the form below to receive all the information about prices, minimum quantities, fabrics etc. We assure you that you won't regret it 🙂