This is our story

Glassy Europe was founded in 2010 by two young friends from Huelva, Victor and Pau, passionate about design, water sports, travel, nature and ultimately, everything related to the #VanLife lifestyle. We both pursued the dream of creating a different brand, quality, design, but above all, self-made and sustainable to be able to actively participate in the whole process.

They say that if you have a dream, the magic formula to make it come true is dedication, perseverance and illusion in equal parts.

We started working on the development of the brand, searching for a name that would transmit those magical sensations we felt when surfing in those deserted beaches of Sagres, that freedom when camping under the stars, that harmony with nature... We had it clear from the beginning, those perfect conditions in the surfing world had a name and we wanted to extrapolate it to the Vanlife life: That name was Glassy :).

Once the name was decided, we began to transmit the values of Glassy with the first products among our closest circle, family, friends, members of the surf club to which we belonged... The acceptance was maximum and we decided to go ahead, always reinvesting all proceeds, to acquire more product and enhance the brand, participating and organizing different surfing, longskate or bmx championships in different parts of Andalusia.


The Factory

Two years after the creation of the brand and already with a fairly consolidated public, an opportunity that we could not let slip away passed in front of us:

To start working as designers in one of the largest textile factories in Spain. We had created a brand with an incredible potential and we had the opportunity to develop our products from the inside, from the heart of the industry, taking care of every detail and knowing the whole production process. A real white and white bottle, isn't it?

For the next 10 years we continued to work in parallel in the factory in the morning and on the Glassy project in the evenings and weekends. Yes, you read that right, TEN years 😅. We are two very committed people and during all that time we juggled to take the two projects forward, until in 2022 the growth of Glassy reached such a point that made it unsustainable to continue.

It was then when we had to make a decision that was both hard and exciting: We were leaving behind an incredible stage in the factory where we were born as professionals and from which we took with us a real family and a wealth of wisdom. We began to work 100% in Glassy to continue innovating and offering new products to a large community of followers, friends and customers who already feel the brand as their own.


A different brand, like you.

We are a brand that seeks to provide the best possible experience, both in the purchase process, after-sales service and use of our products. We do not want to be just another brand, we want you to feel identified with us and actively participate in the continuous improvement of this project. Glassy is a living project of all those who love the Vanlife philosophy, surfing, kitesurfing and enjoyment of nature in general.


The "What" is as important as the "How".

Our main goal as a brand is to offer different and original products that make you feel special, but always paying special attention to how these products are made.

Our brand philosophy is based on the enjoyment of nature and respect for it, so it is essential for us to cause as little damage as possible in the manufacturing process of our products.

Therefore, 95% of our production, such as our covers, backpacks, ponchos... is made in Spain, in the factory where we have worked all our lives, which is powered by solar energy and has a policy of recycling, conciliation and respect for workers at the forefront in the textile sector. For the remaining 5%, such as our caps, winter hats, organic t-shirts... the manufacturing is distributed, for reasons of specialization or low production volume, between Portugal, Italy or Asia, but always complying with our strict quality controls, auditing and sustainability in their manufacture.

In addition, every year we add new actions to improve and reduce our carbon footprint, as you can see in our sustainability section. sustainability section.

The World #VanLife is a wonderful experience, and we decided to create a product that would make life easier and more carefree inside the van. We thought, what if we could move from one point to another with our wetsuit on after surfing, or eat sitting on the seat without fear of staining it? That's when Glassy Covers were born.

Our seat covers for vans are our star product, the one for which the #Vanlife community knows us and the one that has saved thousands of seats from more than one scare. You may already have them and have already vouched for them in a review, but if you are one of those who are just getting to know us right now, you can see more information about our seat covers here. We assure you that you won't regret it 🙃.

We hope you liked our story and that, if you didn't know us, you will join our big family and share with us your Glassy moments on social networks. You can subscribe to our Newsletter, which you'll find below, to keep up to date with all our news and have exclusive access to a lot of promotions. You'll also receive a Glassy discount coupon for your first purchase. By the face.

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