Total commitment to our environment

Every day we dream of enjoying nature. Of this wonderful environment that gives us unforgettable experiences that we dream of repeating over and over again.

Breathing fresh air, feeling the breeze coming off each wave, traveling that road away from the madding crowd with a destination of absolute freedom, or that adrenaline that runs through your body when you feel the energy offered by the wind to climb to the top. All this magic full of sensations, which we are sure have been engraved in your retina on some occasion, deserve that as a brand we have the maximum environmental commitment to our planet.

We are well aware of the damage that globalized industry has caused to our environment through years of relentless production and consumption. Therefore, at Glassy Europe we have always been very clear that this was not the way to go.

Sustainable and respectful production is possible

Manufacturing Domestic

Manufacture in our factory in Spain of the Glassy Seat Cover.

We are very aware of the precarious social and working conditions in the textile industry in countries like Bangladesh or China. For this reason, we are faithful defenders of "made in Spain" and all our products are manufactured in our factory located in the town of Ayamonte, Huelva.

Sustainability is not only a matter of the environment, but also plays a fundamental role in the working conditions of those who make our products a reality. That is why our factory is EFR-certified, which guarantees the working conditions and work-life balance of all our employees.

In our facilities, we supervise even the smallest detail, pampering each process of the manufacturing chain with exhaustive quality controls, putting all our efforts to try to achieve the perfect product.

Sustainable Packaging

We make the planet
a greener place.

We collaborate with
One Tree Planted

This non-profit organization fights every day for the conservation of nature
. Together with PackHelpwe make sure to plant more trees than would be used to manufacture our packaging. We say "would be used", because our boxes are made of recycled cardboard 🙂

Sustainable packaging
that plants trees

With your purchase you are helping to reforest
our forests.


Trees planted by Glassy Europe


Total trees planted in the project

Customized shipping bags and

100% Recycled

We ship with our own shipping bags, which are made of 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable, in addition to carrying an extra ribbon for reuse in case of return. In this way we generate the lowest possible environmental impact, betting on an ever-present sustainability from the moment an order leaves our facilities.

FSC® Certification

We have the FSC® Certificate certification on our packaging, which means that the boxes in which you receive your waterproof sleeves are made from sustainable materials and come from well-managed forests. The FSC organization helps conserve endangered forests, supports small farmers and indigenous communities, and encourages sustainable reforestation.

Minimizing our carbon footprint


Total energy produced this year (KW)


Total CO2 reduced

Renewable Energy

Our facilities are located in one of the areas with the most daylight hours in Europe, in the southwest of Andalusia.

We take advantage of this paradise of light to manufacture our products with the lowest possible energy impact, since we have a solar farm in our factory that produces enough energy to carry out the entire production.

We are sure that, together, we will be able to add actions and reduce our impact on this wonderful planet.

Seaqual Initiative


Tons of marine debris


Brands contribute to the project

We collaborate with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, a community in the fight against plastic pollution.

This great initiative is formed by a group of individuals, organizations and companies working together to help clean up our oceans, raise awareness about the problem of marine debris and highlight those who are helping to combat it.

Our sustainable rash guards are made of fabric made from high quality polyester yarn made from recycled marine plastic. In this way, we help together with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to keep the oceans clean.

Taking advantage of this great initiative, and being able to work with recycled fabrics, the following collaboration with Nature Count Foundation arose:



We collaborate with this great project that you can follow at @nature_counts_foundation , now called @streamocean for the conservation and regeneration of marine corals in the Maldives Islands by monitoring marine corals constantly using static beacons, as well as structures for the regeneration of new corals in areas where corals have disappeared.

As soon as they contacted us and we heard about the important work they were doing in the oceans, we didn't hesitate, and together with their team we designed a sustainable long-sleeved technical t-shirt, made of technical polyester recycled from plastic bottles collected from the ocean. So they could endure long work sessions under the Maldivian sun and dive next to the coral without having to take off their shirts.

You can follow or even collaborate in their project through their website:

Sustainable Paper


% Sugar cane residues




% Chemicals and bleaching agents


% Recyclable and compostable

We use paper made from 100% sugar cane fiber waste.

This natural biodegradable paper is obtained without trees, and has the YUNGAS ecological certificate, for products developed in an eco-friendly way.

Its manufacture is environmentally friendly as it does not use chemicals or bleach.

It is also 100% recyclable, with the lowest carbon footprint in the market:

6 times lower than recycled paper.
10 times lower than normal paper.