Frequently Asked Questions

Our front waterproof seat covers are compatible with most models thanks to the elastic pieces on the back. The only thing you must take into account is that the seat belt is not integrated in the seat itself. If you want to see more information about the compatibility of the cover, you can visit this link

Regarding the compatibility of the double front bedplate sleeve, you can check the compatibility at this link

At Glassy Europe we have achieved certification for compatibility with seats incorporating side airbags. You can see all the information 👉here

We have developed our seat covers with the idea that they should be universal and fit most seats as well as possible. If you are looking for a cover that fits like an upholstery, this may not be the right product for you.

Our seat covers are designed to protect the seats of your vehicle in the most extreme situations caused by pets, small children, wet clothes or everyday vanlife situations such as feeding. That's why they are designed so that in 1 minute you can easily put them on or take them off in case you need to wash them.

We have 2 versions of armrest covers:

Ducato armrest: compatible with Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Rifter, Citroën Jumper and for armrests with similar measurements.

VW armrest: Compatible with VW T5, T6, Crafter and for armrests having similar measurements.

These are the compatible models tested, if your model of van is not specified here, you can see the table of measures (Compatibility and Measurements Armrest ducato / Compatibility and Measurements Armrest VW) and compare it with the dimensions of your armrest. In case of doubt, you can contact us by whatsapp.

How many do I have to buy? The Armrest Cover includes 1 pair (left and right side of a seat) for one van seat, so to cover both front seats you will need to purchase 2 units.

The *double rear Camper Large Volume* cover is compatible with most OKB TYPE van bedplates *Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, Volkswagen Crafter, Mercedes Sprinter, Renault Master, Nissan NV400, Ford Transit*, etc.

If your rear seat is composed of 2 pieces ( *Seat cushion + Backrest cushion* + "Headrest not anchored to the backrest cushion") it is very likely to be compatible. You can check the measurements here (👉Compatibilityand measurements Large Volume seat cover).

The main function of our cover has been to resist those changes of surf spots without removing the wetsuit. From there, we have extrapolated that function to the whole camper life and adventure, such as traveling with your pets, those MTB routes where you get muddy, those days at the beach where you arrive with your swimsuit wet and full of sand, ... so do not worry about dirtying your seats and enjoy the most!

You can see an example of how we recommend cleaning the covers here . If you prefer to take them home and put them in the washing machine, no problem, but remember to do it at 30ºC.

The issue of breathability is directly related to waterproofness. The more waterproof it is, the less breathable it will be. That's why ours do not offer a total waterproof screen, in order to promote breathability.

As much as we want, in summer anything you put on a seat will be hot, even the seat itself. But don't worry, because the fabric of our seat covers won't give you that plastic feeling at any time. They are more than tested and their performance is very good.

The shipping time will depend on the destination and the workload of the courier, but as a basis you can consider the following:

  • Peninsula and Portugal: They are normally delivered within 24/48 working hours from the time they leave our facilities at a cost of 3,95€.
  • Canary Islands: It usually takes 15 working days with a cost of 14,95€ (It may cause customs charges, of which we have no control).
  • Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: They are delivered in approximately 4-5 working days at a cost of 5,95€.
  • Andorra: They are normally delivered in 24/48 working hours at a cost of 5,95€.
  • Europe (Germany, Denmark, France and Italy): Delivery in 4-6 working days, with variable shipping costs depending on the country (from 14,96€).
  • Free shipping on peninsula from 95€ and above
  • Free shipping in Europe for orders over 120€.

Yes, we ship to these destinations! The only thing you should keep in mind is the following:

  • Your order will be invoiced at 0% VAT but you will have to pay the tax of each area, for example in the Canary Islands the tax (IGIC or IPSI).
  • For orders under 22€ you will be exempt from IGIC and DUA.
  • For orders up to 150€ you will have to pay IGIC, although you will still be exempt from DUA.
  • For orders over 150€ you will have to pay IGIC and DUA.


If you have any other questions, please contact us at

Just to tell you that at Glassy we are quality geeks!

We are aware that nowadays it is difficult to find quality products that last more than a year after intense use. That is why at Glassy Europe we take meticulous care of every detail of each product, choosing the highest quality materials and paying special attention to the finishes, reinforcing each seam and sustainably manufacturing more than 90% of our products in Spain.

This is something that inevitably increases production costs compared to other products on the market, but we are faithful to our brand philosophy and we know that customers like you will know how to value and appreciate it when they can enjoy their products for a very long time.

We hope you don't have to get to this point, but if you do, don't worry, because we make it very easy for you to return your order within 30 days from the date you placed your order.

To do so, just log on 👉this link , enter your order number, zip code and follow the steps below:

  • Print the shipping label generated by the system.
  • Put the product in its original packaging and place it in the shipping bag in which you received the order. If you do not keep it, you can use a box or another bag. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not stick the shipping label on the original packaging of the product. This way, we will be able to reuse it and reduce waste.
  • Go to the nearest post office and deliver the package. Remember that you do not have to pay anything at the post office. 

You can see more information here

If you have not been able to solve your question, please contact us.