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Fiji Waterproof Seat Cover


Is my seat compatible?

The covers are sold individually, so to cover both front seats you will need two units.

Headboard color: Fiji Print

Case color: Black

In stock

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Glassy seat covers are well known in the world of camper vans, but they are also valid as car seat covers. This individual cover fits perfectly to most seats of cars, motorhomes and camper vans with chassis Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, Volkswagen (T3, T4, T5, T6) and Crafter, Mercedes Vito and Sprinter, Ford transit, Ford Custom (you have to unscrew the seat belt to place it), Renault Traffic, Nissan Primastar etc, with the exception of seats with integrated seat belts in the upper part, as in some models of motorhomes or special Hymer type seats (consult in case of doubt).


It has adaptable side openings with VELCRO® brand closure tape for armrests and backrest adjustment. It also has an opening at the top rear to access the headrest supports and thus be able to hang from them as much as pocket holders, such as tablet holders, ... With its large back pocket with elastic strap and closure, you can store almost anything you can imagine.When we decided to make car seat covers, we took into account to gain more interior space with this pocket.


As for the fabric, we have achieved a balance between waterproofing and breathability, giving our camper seat cover a resistance of up to 1,000 columns of water thanks to its PV interior, which also prevents breakage due to exposure to the sun. This finish does not exert a total screen between the seat and your body, allowing air circulation.

By not creating a total screen, we favor breathability, so we do not recommend riding very wet (wet neoprene) for long periods of time, since due to the pressure, there is a possibility that water will seep in very gradually.


In addition to protection for your seat and a new look for the interior of your van, 4×4 or passenger car, Glassy Europe® seat covers offer you the utmost safety and peace of mind through this certificate of compatibility with side airbag seats. of compatibility with seats that incorporate side airbags.


Not suitable for use in upholstery of suede or leatherette white or ecru Depending on the use, sun exposure or temperature changes, the cover may migrate the color and mark the seat upholstery.


We have different designs to suit the most conservative and the most daring customers. With Glassy seat covers, in addition to protecting the seats, you will give a new look to your camper van, motorhome or car.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 6 cm

34 reviews on Waterproof Seat Cover Fiji

  1. MARIA LOPEZ (verified owner) -

    We are delighted with the cases. They are super nice and look perfect. They are also very easy to put on. And the order arrived very quickly. Without a doubt, a very good buy. We will repeat with Glassy for sure.


      Thanks for the confidence Maria 🤗. Now to enjoy a thousand and one adventures 🚐🖤.

  2. Juan Lopez lopez (verified owner) -

    I do not usually put ratings but the truth is that I was very impressed with the quality of the covers are very well adapted to the seat are very resistant and beautiful. The shipping was very fast and the presentation of the product exquisite. I will buy again in this store without hesitation. This is how things are done, yes sir


      Thank you Juan!!! We put a lot of care to the whole process, from manufacturing to shipping, so that your experience is the best 😊.

  3. Roberto (verified owner) -

    They are very easy to put on, quality, has all the holes for the levers ... plus we loved the design they have. Product of here, of quality, it is necessary to support these projects.

  4. Silvia Anso Jiménez (verified owner) -

    Hello good, we are delighted with the covers are great, the back pockets are very spacious and well very well.

  5. Encarna (verified owner) -

    The covers are very nice with a very nice touch and fit perfectly.
    Very practical, easy to put on
    Very pleased

    • Glassy Europe -

      thank you so much for your comment, enjoy the trips you will make with the holsters very much!!!!! 🤙😉

  6. Marcus (verified owner) -

    Practical and quick to put on, it protects the seats from children in style. Pleasant to the touch. Perfect fit on Ducato Van. (Adria twin supreme 640 sgx 2021)

    • Glassy Europe -

      It's really useful for us to know what you think about our products, thank you Marcus.🤙😉

  7. Alvaro (verified owner) -

    Good product, they do not fit like a glove and wiggle but they look great and protect the seat which is their main function, I do not understand why there are no armrests for the T4 models, I do not like that the armrests are not protected and that the color change is visible.

    • Glassy Europe -

      good Álvaro, thank you for your comment, we always value them, as they are a possibility of improvement for us and our products😉.

      The covers are not an upholstery, and although they have several adjustment systems, it is more or less adjusted depending on each van. In any case, we give you the possibility of return if you do not like it, you have all the facilities to make you as happy as possible, which is our goal😊😊.

      Regarding the cover for the armrest of your T4, we are sorry we don't have them, little by little we are developing covers for all your trucks 😉🤙🏼

  8. jontxu (verified owner) -

    Product, professionals and customer service of 10! In addition, it is a pleasure to support a local company with the values that 💪🏼💪🏼 has.

    • Glassy Europe -

      thank you very much for your feedback about our products and our customer service, we try to give you the most personalized attention possible😊😊

  9. jon (verified owner) -

    Product, professionals and customer service of 10! In addition, it is a pleasure to support a local company with the values that 💪🏼💪🏼 has.

  10. Juan Francisco González García (verified owner) -

    Hello everyone

    This week I ordered some Fiji covers for the front seats of a Ford Transit Custom . As soon as I arrived I got down to work to put them on, they are very easy to put on.
    The truth is that they fit and look great.
    I am very happy with the purchase, and especially for the treatment received by Carmen. Any doubt I had on the phone was solved quickly and with great kindness.
    Thank you for your service, professionalism and kindness.

    • Glassy Europe -

      Thank you very much Juan for your comment, we always try to have a close relationship with you and try to help you as much as possible, it has been a pleasure to help you.
      🤙🏼🎉Now you know...enjoy the holsters and travel!

  11. David Orihuela -

    Great product and excellent service. A luxury to talk to the people of Glassy and they advise you on what best suits your needs. I bought the Fiji covers and I am delighted. Besides the wonderful service. In just 48 hours I had them at home

    • Glassy Europe -

      thank you very much David, we are very happy to know that you are happy with the covers and that we were able to advise you well according to your needs, we hope to see you on social networks enjoying our products!!!😉🎉

  12. Miguel (verified owner) -

    Fantastic covers. They give a different image to the van. Very durable and easy to clean. I have them on all the seats in the van.

  13. Alejandro Reyes -

    Incredible quality of the covers and armrests.
    The presentation and the treatment at all times of the team of glassy splendid!!!
    Thank you very much guys, now it's time to enjoy them.

  14. Toni -

    Spectacular, we have a dog and she loves to get on the seat, with the waterproof covers there is no problem, they clean super well. 100% recommendable. Best value for money.

  15. antoniocbr46 (verified owner) -

    The cover I have adapted perfectly to my Citroen berlingo 2020, looks great and very cool, good quality, perfect for not spoiling the upholstery as I usually go to the beach a lot, thank you very much!

  16. Willy (verified owner) -

    It shows the good material of the product , treatment of 10 and fast and safe shipping can not ask for more ! Thank you very much for the stickers.

  17. Carlos Fontoura Fernandes (verified owner) -

    I am delighted with the covers, quality and very good design, I hope they will soon have them for the rear double seats.

  18. Josep (verified owner) -

    It does not fit when you sit down you move does not fit it goes tight on one site loose on the other and that before buying it I asked if I could put it in my audi and they told me yes! Well try it and you will see that it does not fit!

    • Glassy -

      Hello Josep!
      The cover is a universal cover that fits most seats, but it will never look like an upholstery. It is a cover that is easy to put on and take off for washing. The fit will be improved in future productions, but currently this is the model that is marketed. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can always return the product and we will refund you. There is no problem in that sense?

  19. Marta (verified owner) -

    We are very happy with the result! To our fiat ducato feel great!!! Hopefully soon you will have them for the back seats which are usually bigger than usual.

  20. Rocio Coronel Garcia (verified owner) -

    Just what I was looking for!
    Good, nice and cheap. They fit very well and gives another look to your van. I am delighted, in fact I think it is the best investment I have made in my van.

  21. Álvaro (verified owner) -

    They adapt super well to the seat, it is very comfortable in my Volkswagen Crafet. They are easy to clean and look great.

    Very fast delivery and shipment tracking available at all times

  22. Dani (verified owner) -

    very comfortable to put on and excellent service and shipping! Maybe to improve them I would put the bottom elastic stronger or something to attach it at the bottom, but I'm very happy with the cover.

  23. Luis (verified owner) -

    Very pleased. I have a Multivan T6. I put them on both front seats.
    Just what I was looking for.
    When will they be ready for the belted seats, are they planned?
    Thank you very much.

    • Glassy -

      Good morning Luis! If you are referring to the rear seat covers, we are planning to launch them this year.

  24. ilittleangel (verified owner) -

    The Fiji's look amazing on a red California Beach T6.1. They are also comfortable, fit well and look very high quality. Very happy with the purchase!

  25. Javi (verified owner) -

    Very nice and very good quality give a special touch to my caravelle t6 besides fulfilling its function of protecting the seat.
    I will be getting you more stuff.

  26. Jorge (verified owner) -

    Very nice and fulfill their function but in my VW Multivan T6 are a little short and do not fit well I thought they would be even olgadas seeing pictures. Under the headrests to the top and still nothing. Service a 10, super fast and very attentive.

    • Glassy -

      Thanks for your feedback Jorge! It is the first T6 with which we have adjustment issues, maybe because multivan brings the seat a little bigger. We will work on improving this adjustment in future versions. You know we love challenges ?

  27. Cristian Bevilacqua (verified owner) -

    Excellent quality! The van changed a lot when you see them in place. And the most important thing is that it fulfills its function. Tremendous job guys! ?

  28. MARIA NIEVES ALCARAZ RODRIGUEZ (verified owner) -

    Great, just what I was looking for. They don't fit 100% perfect but they fit great.

  29. Daniel (verified owner) -

    I love it, waiting for them to bring out the one for the back seats.

  30. Lydia (verified owner) -

    I am delighted with the cases. They are practical and very nice. We went paddle surfing and when we got in the van with the wet swimsuits, nothing got through to the seats. Quality for the price I give it a 10!
    Eskerrik asko!

  31. Kevin Almeida Armas (verified owner) -

    Undoubtedly the most beautiful and highest quality product.
    I highly recommend it if you really like the brand.

  32. natalia -

    helloa!!!! for rear seats of Volkswagen t4, is there a possibility to have? or to have?

    • Glassy -

      Hi Natalia! We had planned its development this year, but with the current situation of Covid everything will be delayed more than we would like. We will let you know through social networks when they are available. Thanks for contacting us!

  33. Paul -

    Stock for the double 🙂 Is it expected sometime soon?

    • Glassy -

      Hi Pablo! We estimate that they will be ready in August.

  34. Alvaro (verified owner) -

    The cover fits perfectly to my transit custom , looks good quality, plus the detail of the pocket on the back is a plus of functionality.
    I love the ethnical print.
    Waiting for the double seat one to come out, which I will definitely buy.

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