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Ethnic Waterproof Seat Cover


Is my seat compatible?

The covers are sold individually, so to cover both front seats you will need two units.

Headboard Color: Ethnic Print

Case color: Black


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Do you want to protect the seat of your camper van, motorhome or caravan and give it a new look? The Glassy waterproof camper cover is your solution in any of its versions or designs. This individual version fits perfectly to most seats of cars, motorhomes and camper vans with chassis Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, Volkswagen (T3, T4, T5, T6) and Crafter, Mercedes Vito and Sprinter, Ford transit, Ford Custom (you have to unscrew the seat belt to place it), Renault Traffic, Nissan Primastar etc, with the exception of seats with integrated seat belts in the upper part as in some models of motorhomes or special Hymer type seats (consult in case of doubt).


New rear opening with access to the headrest supports, so that you can hang different accessories such as pocket holders, tablets, and a multitude of supports. It has adaptable side openings with VELCRO® brand closure tape for armrests and backrest adjustment, as well as a large back pocket with elastic tape and closure, which will allow you to store countless objects.


As for the fabric, we have achieved a balance between waterproofing and breathability, giving our camper seat cover a resistance of up to 1,000 columns of water thanks to its PV interior, which also prevents breakage due to exposure to the sun. This finish does not exert a total screen between the seat and your body, allowing air circulation.

By not creating a total screen, we promote breathability, so we do not recommend riding very wet (wet neoprene) for long periods of time, as due to the pressure, there is a possibility that water will seep in very gradually.


In addition to protection for your seat and a new look for the interior of your van, 4×4 or passenger car, Glassy Europe® seat covers offer you the utmost safety and peace of mind through this certificate of compatibility with side airbag seats. of compatibility with seats that incorporate side airbags.


Not suitable for use in upholstery of suede or leatherette white or ecru Depending on the use, sun exposure or temperature changes, the cover may migrate the color and mark the seat upholstery.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 6 cm

53 reviews on Ethnic Waterproof Seat Cover

  1. mercedes Casas cardo (verified owner) -

    Super cool cases, design and quality and super practical, we love the rear compartments, we are very happy with them🤟.
    Very fast shipping and very attentive and friendly, recommended 200%.

    • Glassy Europe -

      Mercedes, thank you very much ❤️ we love your comments!

  2. rosanamontalt (verified owner) -

    Super satisfied with the purchase. The covers fit perfectly thanks to their velcro openings. They look good quality and also look very good, very successful design, modern but without attracting too much attention. And best of all, the service; very fast and very attentive. 100% recommendable.

    • Glassy Europe -

      Thank you very much Rosa for your comment, we are very happy that you like the covers, it is very important for us your opinion😊

  3. Dani -

    Are they suitable for seats with side airbags in the seats?

    • Glassy Europe -

      Hi Dani, yes, they are fully compatible with the airbags of the front seats, we have recently sent us the tests of the automotive technical laboratory and have concluded satisfactorily, the airbags deploy correctly without interfering with our covers, we already have the certificate and are officially approved.

  4. Generoso Luis Domínguez Alego (verified owner) -

    Very happy with the purchase, the covers are magnificent, and the attention that I have been given fantastic. without a doubt I recommend this store and its products.

    • Glassy Europe -

      thank you very much for your comment, for us, it is very important to know your opinion 😊😊.

  5. vane -

    Hello, I wanted to know if they can be placed in a motorhome? It is of the Benimar brand (Ford cabin) ... I have doubts because the height of the backrest says that it is 80 and our seats measure 88 (with a little slack) ... the rest of measures fit perfectly!

    Thank you very much! they look very good

    • Glassy Europe -

      good afternoon Vane, we checked we had talked to you on our whatsapp, we hope you are super happy with the covers and that they looked great!!! 🙂😉

  6. Vanesa Báguena Casanova (verified owner) -

    The covers are the best! Quality of materials 10, fit perfectly to berlingo multispace, super easy to put on, very very cool design! Very happy with the purchase

  7. Ivan Duque faba (verified owner) -

    Very good article both in quality and comfort I would buy it again without a doubt.

  8. Betty Surf -

    We have loved them, they do not give much heat in summer. The shipping to Tenerife super fast and very careful details. Highly recommended. Waiting for them to take out the one of the California back seats.

  9. Betty Surf -

    We have loved them, they do not give much heat in summer. The shipping to Tenerife super fast and very careful lis details. Highly recommended. Waiting for them to take out the one of the California back seats.

  10. Yvette -

    The covers are of good quality to clean but they should sell a pair of pants with matching sailboat, it slides like you are on a slide.

  11. Emma Reglero Tolivia (verified owner) -

    Very good attention, they care about the business and their customers, they solve any doubt. The package arrived very quickly and the covers are very nice and of good quality. They also included two stickers and an air freshener as a gift. Thank you very much Glassy

  12. Josean -

    Great design of covers, nice and elegant to protect your seats in the day to day in our road trips! Recommended for all types of camper vans! The service is 10! No doubt we will repeat!

  13. Sara -

    Excellent service. The cases arrived to me in a very neat packaging. The covers are very nice and good material, easy to put on and all very well explained. What I do not like is that they do not fit completely to the seat, they remain bags. For the rest everything great

  14. Francisco Javier Garcia Gonzalez (verified owner) -

    The best of all for me has been the treatment, the speed and the affection that you can see in the product! Stickers and air freshener gift have been a surprise! I already knew the covers from friends and they are the best! I love the ethnical design! Wishing that there is stock for the double bench and finish dressing my vw t5! Ajola and give with more peña that works as well as you!!!!

  15. THE ADVENTURE FAMILY 3 (verified owner) -

    Incredible designs, excellent customer service, very fast shipping. Unbeatable product quality.

  16. Nano (verified owner) -

    Review for Ethnic Waterproof Seat Cover
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  17. Esteve (verified owner) -

    Unbeatable product and professionals.

  18. danirumborural (verified owner) -

    Super good they are made of a water resistant material are perfectly suited to my van with holes to put things behind just qe need to make the triple seats to have them all the same

  19. Sílvia P (verified owner) -

    Excellent. We have a VW multivan T6 and they fit perfectly in their swivel seats.
    It is worth noting the care provided which has been excellent.
    Totally recommended!

  20. Sílvia (verified owner) -

    Excellent. We have a VW multivan T6 and they fit perfectly in their swivel seats.
    It is worth noting the care provided which has been excellent.
    Totally recommended!

  21. Marcos (verified owner) -

    Brutal the covers very happy
    100% recommended and super fast shipping to canary islands TENERIFE

  22. Gemma (verified owner) -

    Very good quality. They fit perfectly in a Ducato of 19. It has a pocket on the back. The only downside is that the transport was nefarious with MRW to Salamanca. Three days waiting and in the end I had to go myself. They didn't know where the package was and the attention in the office was very bad. But that is not Glassy's fault, although it affects my specific case.

  23. funchi78 (verified owner) -

    Very fast transport, excellent product description and very easy to put on.
    Advisable 100% for fiat ducato very good quality.
    Thanks for everything we will buy again.

  24. Iago (verified owner) -

    Fast delivery service, even though I am in the Canary Islands. The covers are very nice and comfortable. The only downside may be the fact that they are not completely adjusted, normal circumstance to be valid for many vans, I have a California T5. In short, a 10. Keep up the good work guys!

  25. Jago (verified owner) -

    The attention and shipping time, unbeatable. A 10, really. Great job guys.
    The covers are very nice and for being waterproof they have a very nice touch. For me the only thing is that they do not fit perfectly and are not tight enough on the seat so that creases and wrinkles do not form when you sit down.
    But I would buy this product again

  26. Captain Orbea (verified owner) -

    I haven't assembled them yet but they look very good

  27. Zucape (verified owner) -

    Comments Off on Ethnic Waterproof Seat Cover
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  28. Arnau (verified owner) -

    Very good quality and an incredible design. The finishes are fantastic. Perfect fit for the peugeot Expert. Greetings????

  29. Pau -

    Hello, the covers are adaptable to a land rover discovery td5?

    • Glassy -

      Hi Pau! As long as the seat does not have an integrated seat belt you should have no problems. We make the covers in such a way that they are easy to put on and take off and compatible with most vehicles.

  30. Marisa -

    Hello I have a 2005 AC Mclouis T110 Mclouis T110 fiat engine. Are these covers comoatbles?

    • Glassy (verified owner) -

      Hi Marisa, our seat covers fit most of the seats on the market, and in your case you will not have any problems, since Fiat seats are the most common. Best regards!

  31. Toni (verified owner) -

    Comments about Waterproof Car Seat Cover Ethnic
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  32. JUAN CARLOS PEREZ FERRERO (verified owner) -

    Comments about Waterproof Car Seat Cover Ethnic
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  33. asier (verified owner) -

    They just arrived. Earlier than expected, they look great. I can't wait to
    I can't wait to put them on tomorrow.

  34. Alfonso (verified owner) -

    After some time of use, the only drawback I have is that they give some heat, otherwise everything is perfect.
    They can be cleaned in a jiffy with a damp cloth and are quite resistant.
    I think they should have some eyelets or eyelets at the bottom to better attach them to the seat underneath.

  35. Maria Ferrer (verified owner) -

    I'm super happy with my new covers for the van! I can't wait to go on the road and wear them! Very comfortable and the best thing is that they are waterproof!

  36. Juan Manuel Muniz -

    I have been using these covers for years, since the first model.
    I use them both in the van and in the two cars at home.
    They are amazing. Totally waterproof, and very easy to remove, wash and put back on.
    With each design they get better !!!

  37. JUAN CARLOS PEREZ FERRERO (verified owner) -

    Comments Off on Ethnic Waterproof Seat Cover
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  38. Àlex -

    Comments Off on Ethnic Waterproof Seat Cover
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    • Glassy (verified owner) -

      Our cases are valid for all models thanks to the elastic pieces on the back. You won't have any problems with your model ?

  39. Josean (verified owner) -

    Highly recommended! Good design for water sports lovers for its waterproof! Team Chapo!

  40. Marcos (verified owner) -

    Good quality and good fit for T6 seat....good buy and good customer service.

  41. Jose -

    Hello, are they suitable for VW Caddy ?

    • Glassy (verified owner) -

      Hi Jose!!! Yes, they are fully compatible with VW Caddy 🙂

  42. Carolina Panadero Gutiérrez (verified owner) -

    The quality is very good and the case is beautiful, I love it!

  43. Angel -

    I bought them trusting a great youtuber, if he put them in his big van is that they are reliable, and so they are! Perfect covers and with a beautiful drawing. 100% recommended!

  44. Eduardo Viñas -

    Very good product, finish and great shipping. I would buy it again without a doubt

  45. toni fernandez garcia (verified owner) -

    Very fast service. As for the covers the material looks quality, although my seats are Hymer one-piece without removable headrest which means that the cover is somewhat short of the headrest to the bench, I will see how the material supports this excess tension. I understand that it is not a custom cover and I hope they fulfill their function which is to protect the original upholstery. I note this as a suggestion so that they can specify it in the product description.

    • Glassy (verified owner) -

      Hi Toni! Thank you for your feedback, it is very important for us to improve the product and the customer experience. In case the cover does not fit well on your seat, there would be no problem to return it and make the credit of the same.
      Best regards,

  46. Laura -

    I have a fiat motorhome ducato adria. Are there any covers for the two-seater rear sofa? Thanks

    • Glassy (verified owner) -

      Hi Laura!!! We currently do not have for the rear seats of Ducato, but we have that project in development to be able to offer it next season. Follow us on social media to be updated when we have them available. Thanks for getting in touch!

  47. Gaspar -

    They are very good even for my BMW passenger car

  48. Nicoleta -

    Waterproof covers, good quality. Fits quite well, with a very large back pocket and velcro opening on the side of the chair that allows you to put it on very easily.

  49. Gema Ruiz -

    Fits very well to my VW California transport with swivel seats.
    Very pleased!!!

  50. Juanjo Miranda -

    I have a Fiat Ducato - Benimar and they look great. Neither the sand nor the hair of my dog, who likes to sit in front of it, gets embedded :). 100% recommended!

  51. Glassy (verified owner) -

    Hello Antonio. Ethnic covers are available. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  52. Felix Gomez -

    They are spectacular, both in design and quality of materials. They fit quite well and the back pocket is super spacious, which is very appreciated in the van. I would definitely buy them again.

  53. Beatriz -

    Very good products.

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